Vehicle emissions
and expert analysis

The future of emissions testing at your disposal

Vehicle emissions are our business. We are leaders in understanding, projecting and evaluating their environmental impact across Europe and beyond. Our emissions data source is vast and the industry’s emissions calculator, COPERT, was developed by us. So when it comes to measuring your vehicle’s emissions you will have the advantage of our expertise and experience in analysing how vehicles impact the environment and how well they perform in comparison to other vehicles.

Emisia personnel have been training on emissions measuring equipment since they were undergraduate
students. They are therefore fully competent and familiar with the process: setting the equipment up, running the test, collecting data, but most importantly, processing and understanding the results. Measurements performed over the past 40 years have been implemented into our software and have contributed significantly to our expertise.

Also, we strongly advocate close interaction between product development and engineering application. Emisia offers complete engineering services in the area of emission control, covering component testing and characterization, testing for model development, and delivery of calibrated and validated models.

Emissions testing & analysis
in the lab and on the road, in just 3 days!

We offer you comprehensive laboratory or real drive emissions (RDE) measurements for your vehicle. Real drive emissions are
measured through our Horiba PEMS (portable emissions measurement system) equipment. RDE complements WLTP (worldwide harmonised light vehicle test procedure) data to validate the results under real driving emissions.

The process requires a minimum of three days to complete for an individual vehicle, but depending on the specifications or the vehicle this may vary.

So whether legislation requires you, or you require an independent comparison, or you already measure emissions but don’t have enough time to do all the measuring yourself, we have all the resources available to give you the measurements and analysis you need.

The process will take three days to complete for each vehicle: One to set the equipment up, one to run the tests and the third to analyse and disconnect the equipment.

Through our tight links with LAT/AUTh, as well as own investments, Emisia has access to state-of-the-art testing equipment, used on a daily-basis for model development and validation as well as for advanced research.

Thanks to an outstanding team of 30 researchers, and fully equipped testing facilities, LAT has a proven record of excellence in exhaust gas emissions, fuel efficiency and renewable fuels.

Emission tests are possible on the chassis dyno and on 3 fully equipped engine benches (Diesel and gasoline) whereas catalyst characterization is regularly supported by a dedicated synthetic gas bench.


We offer you EMISCOUT, an onboard emissions measurement system developed by EMISIA. The needs of measurements in real driving conditions are increasingly important and EMISCOUT can be used as a screening tool, offering complementarity to official PEMS testing. In this way, potentially high emitter vehicles can be easily identified and further evaluated.

Its light weight and volume make it ideal for motorcycle emissions measurements both on the road and in the laboratory, offering an essential solution for evaluating vehicles where the possibilities of using PEMS are limited. In the shipping sector, EMISCOUT provides capabilities to measure emissions and assess the performance of installed aftertreatment technologies.

The measured pollutants are CO2, CO, NO and SO2 with the aim of future integration of gases such as NO2, NH3 and Black Carbon (BC). The device includes a dilution system for sample conditioning and expanding the sensors’ measuring ranges. The battery capacity allows 4 hours of measurements without intermediate charging.

A windows standalone application (User’s interface) is included, that allows the user to connect directly to EMISCOUT Sensor using the default USB serial port. It can be used for device control, signal recording, sensor calibration and data visualization.


We have a long track record with engineering project success stories in collaboration with most renowned OEMs and catalyst suppliers around the globe.

Typical engineering services include component testing in the lab via appropriate test protocols and methods enabling a systematic calibration of model tunable parameters. In a next step, Emisia engineers are tuning the models and deliver them ready to be used for optimization application purposes along with the respective know how.


If you already have raw emissions data that we haven’t measured for you then Triten is a solution that makes sense of that data. Before data can be analysed it needs to be stored, processed and visualised. This is exactly what we have designed Triten to do. It can process any raw emissions data, not just PEMS data. Its software includes a portal with cloud networking capability, making it possible for you to get the exact performance and emissions data and the expert support you need.



Emission measurements on engine test benches and chassis dynamometers

  • Gaseous (CO, HC, NOx, CO2) and particulate emissions
  • Legislated driving cycles (NEDC, FTP) or customized driving cycles
  • Bag results and instantaneous recordings for each pollutant
  • Emission measurements on the road

Emission measurements on the road

  • Gaseous (CO, CO2, THC, NOx, NO2) and particulate matter
  • Legislated driving cycles (RDE compliant) or customized routes
  • Both LDV and HDV vehicles