Drive More, Burn less

We are bringing our 10 year long experience in an innovative mobile application. We are regularly commissioned by the European Union and the Hong Kong and Australian governments to conduct on board measurements to evaluate vehicle environmental performance. We are experts in analyzing the environmental performance of any road vehicle. We have developed algorithms to estimate the emission levels of any vehicle.

However, performing such assessments for your individual vehicle is both expensive and time-consuming. To this goal we have developed Fuelless. Fuelless uses a new algorithm based on EEA’s Copert methodology to calculate the most efficient travelling speed for each individual vehicle. If you want to know if your driving behavior is environmental friendly then download the app, use it while you drive, check your performance and start improving the world around you.

Our staff consists of mechanical, electrical, chemical and software engineers, with a strong background in environmental studies. We are closely connected to the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Our strong academic ties make us an active participant in an ongoing expert research network that continues to improve in modelling, technological and analytical abilities.

What can Fuelless do for you?

  • Find out your vehicle’s environmental performance daily
  • See for yourself how your fuel consumption will vary if you consider your vehicle’s characteristics
  • Discover for yourself the impact of your driving behavior on vehicle emissions

  • Fuelless is tracking your vehicle through your mobile device. Stores your information and our newly designed methodology calculate your environmental performance.

  • With Fuelless we take the process one step further. We can evaluate your driving behavior, combine it with your vehicle characteristics and draw your individual driving profile. This process allows for personalized improvements which the application is displaying to you either in real time or after uploading your data to our server and allow for meta-analysis.
  • Free driving

    As soon as you start your journey initiate the application to monitor your driving behavior, store your route and receive personalized advice on how to improve your vehicle environmental and energy performance.

    Route driving

    Provide tour destination and get a route suggestion. Store your journey and compare your performance against a calculated optimum based on your vehicle characteristics, the road limitations and driving behavior.


    Provide your vehicle characteristics to know your expected environmental performance.

    Trip Overview

    Visit your stored trips. Check your emissions, see our recommendations. Improve your environment. Compare how you perform against other users.

    Trip History

    Remember your trips. Upload them to the server for further evaluation.

    Download our online APP for Android now.

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