The smart portal for emissions testing

If you already have raw emissions data that we haven’t measured for you then Triten is a solution that makes sense of that data. Before data can be analysed it needs to be stored, processed and visualised. This is exactly what we have designed Triten to do. It can process any raw emissions data, not just PEMS data. Its software includes a portal with cloud networking capability, making it possible for you to get the exact performance and emissions data and the expert support you need.

From PEMS measurement to emissions modelling

PEMS data handling & IT infrastructure
  • Collection and organisation
  • Storage and indexing
  • IT interface (web, other)
  • System update & maintenance
Data analysis
  • Grouping
  • Corrections
  • processing
  • Analysis
  • Assessment
Emissions modelling
  • New emission model development (various scales)
  • Enhancing existing models (COPERT, Sibyl, etc.)

We have developed the necessary data calculation algorithms

And here is an example:

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