TAP 2019

23rd International Transport and Air Pollution Conference
2020-2030: Transport in critical transition

15-17 May 2019
Thessaloniki, Greece

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Discover the transport and emissions world with custom assessments

If you want to know what vehicle and emissions trends to expect, or study solutions related to the impact of our transport needs on the environment, then we are able to provide you with assessments of any scope, scale and depth. From as small as a city, to as large as a continent, for any and every vehicle or fleet category, we can give you the precise answers and analysis you want.

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Vehicle emissions utilities at your fingertips

Vehicle emissions testing and expert analysis

We have been testing individual vehicles for performance and emissions levels in the Lab for decades and more recently through our PEMS (Portable emissions measurement system) for accurate RDE (real drive emissions) levels. Our experience in the emissions world well places us to give you an independent evaluation.

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TAP Conference 2019

EMISIA organized the 23rd International Transport and Air Pollution (TAP) Conference that took place in Thessaloniki Concert Hall from 15-17 May 2019. Warm thanks to all attendees and authors!.. Read More →

TFEIP & ERMES Plenary Meetings 2019

The TFEIP (Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections) meeting, the ERMES Plenary meeting and the Joint ERMES – TFEIP/EEA Session on Road Transport Emissions:  Insights on the present and.. Read More →

Project completed

The project “Study on the technical progress of Conformity of Production for replacement silencing system as a separate technical unit Final”, under the sponsorship of the European Commission DG GROW,.. Read More →