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life cycle analysis

every stage

Explore sustainability with our Car Life Cycle Analysis—a thorough examination of a vehicle’s environmental impact from manufacturing to disposal. We assess energy consumption, emissions, and resource usage, offering valuable insights for integrated, eco-friendly decisions. Choose a responsible drive with our analysis for automotive products.

well-to-wheel analysis

Examining fuels entire life cycle from extraction to vehicle use. Gain insights into environmental impact of fuels production and electricity generation and drive towards a sustainable future.

Fleet-based LCA

We add impacts from an LCA perspective on fleet-based assessments. Our SIBYL tool is enhanced for conducting impact assessments in the complete lifecycle of entire fleets. With our new approach, we consider the fleet as a product, with the vehicle categories that compose it as sub-products. 

We estimate the current overall footprint of fleets in EU Member States, and we project it to the future, taking account market growth, vehicle operational patterns, fuel specs, requirement on technology penetration and emission targets, implementation costs, manufacturing processes and fuels production pathways.

Strategic planning, environmental policy monitoring and assessment for fleets can now be built on a new holistic framework where emissions from vehicle manufacturing and fuel production are considered together with the exhaust ones.