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Thessaloniki, Greece
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at the forefront
of environmental
emissions measurement
& analysis


Our comprehensive services encompass testing, including catalyst testing and characterization, full-size component and system testing, as well as on-road measurements.

In addition to testing, we offer modeling services, including reaction model calibration for all current and future technologies, along with complete model validation using real exhaust data.

– 2 transient synthetic gas benches
– 2 engine test benches
– On-road measurements with PEMS
– Best-in-class software: Exothermia, GT

new fuels

In new fuels, we conduct comprehensive testing, assessing energy efficiency and monitoring emissions for sustainability. Our modeling includes intricate combustion chemistry, versatile 1D to 3D engine modeling, and expertise in fuel cell component and systems analysis, all geared toward advancing cleaner, more efficient fuel solutions.

– Engine test benches with open ECU access
– Indicator diagram analysis
– Complete exhaust gas analysis (gaseous, PM)
– Best-in-class modeling software: GT


We specialize in comprehensive GHG and energy consumption monitoring and reporting, with a focus on both light and heavy-duty vehicles across all powertrains. Our expertise extends to energy optimization for transport logistics, where we employ advanced strategies such as optimized routing, efficient truck–shipment matching, and streamlined refueling processes. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we empower businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance sustainability in the transportation sector.

– Fuel and energy optimization
– Components CO2 impact
– Fleet emissions

impact assessment

Our impact assessment services offer a comprehensive approach to measuring change and understanding the implications of various factors on your operations. We conduct analyses of baseline projections and scenarios, considering fleet, activity, energy, and emissions evolution.

Our expertise extends to policy impact assessment, techno-economic evaluation, cost-effectiveness analysis, and cost-benefit assessment. We also delve into costing, both internal and external, to provide you with a holistic understanding of the potential impacts on your organization or project.

Our toolbox includes:
– Country-specific emission factors through COPERT
– Road transport dataset through SIBYL
– Cost-benefit module