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thermal management

the future

From precise Thermal Management to Cabin Modeling and innovative Cooling Design, we ensure peak performance and comfort. In depth testing for a superior and reliable xEV journey.

  • Τhermal management in xEV
  • Cabin modeling
  • Cooling Design

in xEV

Our process seamlessly integrates Electrical Design, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Mechanical Design ensures robust and compact structures, while Cooling Design employs cutting-edge techniques to maintain temperature balance and and optimal performance.

  • System layout
  • Valves control
  • AC components analysis (pump, heat exchanger, compressor etc.)
  • Cooling plate design analysis
  • Battery modeling
  • AC/Heater mode & xEV range optimization

cabin modeling

Cutting-edge 3D Cabin technology. Designing with the passenger in mind, our Berkeley model metrics ensure a luxurious and ergonomic interior.

Exploring any weather using AC/Heater mode, looking for a perfect climate for the duration of a trip. Optional accessories considered such as panoramic sunroof.

  • 3D Cabin
  • Passenger
  • Berkeley model metrics
  • Air ducting system
  • AC/Heater mode
  • Panoramic sunroof

cooling design

Our advanced facilities assess efficiency, thermal conductivity, and durability under diverse conditions. Trust in our proven testing process to ensure optimal temperature regulation, enhancing the reliability of your electric vehicle’s battery. Drive confidently into the future with our cutting-edge cooling solutions.

  • Base calculations for various cooling path architectures
  • 0D/1D flow cooling system simulations
  • Testing
  • Compliance with OEM’s requirements

heat transfer
measurements &
modeling in battery

We meticulously capture temperatures, heat fluxes, and apply thermal loads through innovative thermoelectric elements (Peltier). Optionally, our modules can be electrically connected, enabling measurements under actual charge/discharge modes.

The rich data obtained serves a crucial role in validating our state-of-the-art 3D electro-thermal models. Trust us for accurate insights into your battery modules, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.