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ghg management


We provide methods and tools for monitoring and reporting fuel and energy consumption and CO2 emissions from all vehicle types, powertrains, and their components. Additionally, we offer solutions to reduce consumption and emissions and promote sustainable transportation practices.

  • API for fleet CO2 emissions calculation
  • Components CO2 impact
  • Real-world fuel consumption


Emisia GreenLight is an advanced fuel management system designed to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals. It provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring, managing, and optimizing fuel consumption, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs. The system offers real-time data analytics, fuel usage tracking, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and improve fleet efficiency.

components CO2 impact

We analyze the environmental impact of vehicle components through an assessment of scope 3 downstream CO2 emissions. Our approach involves an analysis of CO2 emissions associated with the use of selected components over their product lifetime, with a specific focus on major markets such as Europe, the US, China, and the Rest of Asia.

We classify components, distinguishing between those that do not consume power, and those that consume power, be it electrical or mechanical.


fuel & energy
optimization tool

We empower consumers with accurate information for smarter vehicle choices. The MILE21 platform provides real-world fuel consumption and emissions data, allowing users to compare car models and track their own fuel use. Backed by robust monitoring data, we bridge the gap between official values and actual performance. Co-financed by the EU LIFE+ program, we’re driving sustainability one mile at a time.